Our Story


...well maybe not exactly. Lauren and Danny actually grew up in the same town and went to the same high school. In fact, they even ran on the same track team together. However, it wasn't until a few years later when they ran into each other at a Timeflies concert that it finally clicked. They've been inseparable ever since. Lauren works as a nurse practitioner for Summit Medical Group and Danny works for Binsky & Snyder mechanical contractors. They currently live in Denville with their pup, Kota. And now they're finally married! #timeflies

The Proposal

Danny and Lauren had actually known for a while that they wanted to get married. They had talked about it and Lauren, being the crazy planner that she is, suggested they check out a wedding venue that was near her beach house. When they went, they immediately fell in love with Bonnet Island. They knew it was where they wanted to get married and didn't need to look anywhere else.

Danny, being the romantic at heart, still wanted the proposal to be a surprise. He knew it would be a challenge because Lauren likes to plan every little detail. Danny had a few ideas for how he wanted to pop the question but when he found out the ring was ready ahead of schedule, he couldn't wait any longer. He drove home to Lauren, coat still on, knelt down on one knee and the rest is history. Of course, Kota was very jealous because she thought the ring was for her but shared in the excitement nonetheless! Lauren couldn't have been more surprised and the moment couldn't have been happier :)


Lauren started dating Danny 8 months after she adopted Kota. There was an instant connection. (Between Danny and Kota, of course). She had never seen Kota so excited and butt-wiggly more than when Danny came over. And when he'd leave, she'd watch him walk out the door, heartbroken. 

Years later, not much has changed. Kota still goes crazy over him and does her happy dance to greet him. She showers him in kisses and snuggles (definitely not the play-hard-to-get type). And Danny is just as madly in love with her as she is. 

Lauren has accepted being the third wheel. She loves them both and is happy to have found someone who loves her pup as much as she does. And now they're an official family!

P.S. Kota was sorry to miss everyone at the wedding - guess she got cold paws!